What I Did Today

A breakfast full of bread in bed, a long bath for which I detach my insulin pump, and patch change gave me the fright of my life today when my glucometer for the first time said HI. This means that my glucose level was very high. The initial few hours after changing the patch always get my sugars high because the insulin takes some time to establish a smooth flow given the new patch site to which my pump is connected. It was the HI that scared me a little (or a lot; I thought I had crossed 600 mg/dl). I decided to check again and to my relief, the meter said 328 mg/dl, which is still a horrible number but at least there was a number this time! Luckily, no ketones. So I took my correction, treated my hunger pangs to some sauteed garlic beans, and drank lots of water. Mentally though, I was hyperactive and needed something to engage myself in until my sugars were back to normal. So I did what comforts me best. I baked! I had recently learned how to bake cookies in a cooker. So today, I baked oatmeal cookies. I worked at it gradually, no rushing into anything. Placed the cooker to pre-heat, assembled all the ingredients one by one, measured them, mixed them as required, made them into a dough, shape them into cookies and then put them in the preheated cooker. By this time I had brought myself to center. I could feel the sugars dropping….I was at 288 mg/dl now. For the next 30-45 minutes, my focus was on the cookies and ensuring that I turned them around all the while drinking lots of water. By the time the cookies began to send out a honey-dipped aroma, my levels had dropped further down and I felt much focused and engaged. Instead of letting the fatigue of a high sugar get to me, I got productive and creative. The sport lasted a good two hours and ended with two successes – a sugar-level of 122 mg/dl and warm crunchy cookies. As a treat to myself, I devoured half a cookie and what with my success, didn’t feel the need to have more. We don’t just say Be Type 1 Of A Kind for nothing 😉