What Is It?

Back to Basics is an education project by Diabesties. We understand the importance of one-on-one time and attention. Our B2B Team comprises of a panel of Diabetes Educators, Health Care Professionals, Mental Health experts and people living with over 10 years of experience. You can schedule a session through this project to get more depth in any sub topic of management, counselling or just a fun chat! The B2B project has grown to be one of the fondest Diabesties Projects. 

The Team

Jazz Sethi

Living with T1D since 2009

Sumeet Dhagia

Living with T1D since 1990

Deeksha Dev

Living with T1D 1999

Dr Kunjal Gandhi

Living with T1D since 1997

Dr Ruchita Mehta

Living with T1D since 2014

Isha Lakhani

Caregivers of T1D Kid since 2018