Diabetes is a chronic condition that means someone who has diabetes has to live with it for the rest of their life. It requires continuous monitoring of blood glucose, calculating insulin dose, taking insulin shots, counting the carbs before every meal, exercising daily and a lot more. This definitely is not easy to manage thus, it can take a toll on one’s mental health. 

Mental health and diabetes have a direct relationship. They are so closely related that we can’t separate them. Bad mental health leads to poor management of diabetes and poor management of diabetes leads to bad mental health. Bad mental health may lead to the following conditions in people living with diabetes:

  1. Diabetes burnout/distress: It is a state in which someone who has diabetes gets tired of constantly managing it and then ignores the condition for a time period or may be forever. It is more common in people living with type1 diabetes. 

What causes diabetes burnout? Doing everything and still not seeing good results can be a reason to have a burnout. Also, people who have complications related to diabetes have higher chances of having burnout. Overtime, the emotional burden and feeling isolated can also cause diabetes burnout. It can be reduced by joining a diabetes community, accepting the emotions, sharing the load, talking about it and seeking help. 

  1. Diabetes and depression: People with diabetes have an increased risk (2 to 3 times) of developing depression. The continuous feeling of sadness, isolation, finding difficulty in managing the condition, not being heard and understood for a long time can lead to depression. Diabetes and depression can be treated together so if someone finds these symptoms to be happening with them can seek help from a mental health professional.