People living with Type 1 Diabetes shouldn’t have to feel inferior or less abled – for inclusion is a right, not a privilege to a select few.

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We rise by lifting others.

Our Mission is to educate the society about the symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes, to ensure that every child with Type 1 Diabetes has access to a holistic, quality healthcare including insulin, and lives a happy and respectful life. Every person living with Type 1 Diabetes is an asset to the society and should be accepted and treated as such. Our vision is to see every person with T1D excel at life and live to the fullest.

Why Is It Important​

In India, we face unique challenges that make living with Type 1 Diabetes, slightly more challenging. Right from disturbing myths and taboos, to false promises of cures, from misdiagnosis to lack of access to insulin – we have witnessed heartbreaking stories of people living with this condition.

How We Work​

Our projects are divided into three over arching banners: Advocacy and Access | Education | Support. They cater to every stakeholder in diabetes managment: from health care professionals, people living with diabetes, caregivers and family members.

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Key Concepts

Having a pancreas that does not function is different from not having eye sight or a limb, but we understand what it is like. Having to depend on insulin is different from depending on a person, but we understand what it is like. Having to fight yourself on somedays is different from having to fight for yourself, but we understand what it is like. Whichever ailment or disability, Diabesties understands that the challenges they pose are similar to, if not more than, Type 1 Diabetes. We understand the journey, the fight, the effort, the fitting-in, the need for community and support. We see what may seem invisible to most. We understand what many may not.

The Diabesties Foundation believes that every human being is an asset to the world’s growth and development. It is with this belief that we work towards the wellbeing of all of humanity. Our passion and purpose towards healthcare is based on the ideal that good physical health and mental wellbeing is every person’s fundamental right as well as duty. A healthy mind, body and soul are the key to making this world a better place for all. The Diabesties Foundation works relentlessly with the belief that even a small act of service to humanity can make a big difference in self-development and development in the world at large.

Mankind has always been in pursuit of knowledge. Our foundation wants to bring a part of that deep ocean of knowledge to mankind. Whether or not we are living with a health condition or a disability, being aware not only makes us more informed humans, but also more empathetic and humane. Healthcare is not limited to the medical fraternity. All of us including families, friends, and relatives are stakeholders in each other’s wellbeing. Diabesties emphasizes on understanding all kinds of diabetes, the challenges that our near and dear ones face with it, and how we can help them overcome the same.

As a team comprising largely of people living with Type 1 Diabetes, we realize that self-care is the key to help people undergoing similar experiences. To lend support to another, you first need to support yourself. At Diabesties, we educate in order to empower. Knowing one’s mind, body and soul, their challenges and how to keep them in the best of health is the only way to help others through the same. Education in healthcare comprises of a little bit of science and a bucket load of understanding, experience and empathy.

The Diabesties Foundation is working relentlessly towards spreading Diabetes Awareness in India. From raising our voice for access to affordable insulin for every child living with T1D to workshops, blood sugar testing camps, and diabetes education, we are dedicated towards driving change in not only the Indian Diabetes scenario but also the healthcare industry altogether. Our approach towards education and awareness activities has led to the creation of a family of people with T1Ds who have been active participants in achieving the dream of a healthy India, a healing world. We don’t just talk the talk, but we believe in delivering outcomes and mostimportantly, in delivering a sustainable impact.

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