Bhumik Shah
Srishti Chakraborty


Jatin Sadhu
Jazz Sethi

Written and Composed:

Jatin Sadhu

Programming and Mixing:

Arpan Mahida

Recorded at:

Legato Labz


Yuvan Seth

Video Editing:

Tanmay Raval

Directed By:

Yuvan Seth And Jazz Sethi

What is it?

‘Na Rukenge Hum’ (The Diabetes Anthem) is an effort to make ‘noise’ about Type 1 diabetes with heart pumping beats, soulful lyrics and an awareness rap. We want this anthem to reflect the resilience, courage and strength that each Type 1 possess and boost the morale of those who listen to it. Type 1 Diabetes is a chronic, constant, condition with no cause and no cure – the inspiration was simple – looking at all the brave warriors who live and love with this condition. Right from a 2 year old, to a 62 to year old – one thing is common, and that is that they are Type 1 of a kind.

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