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Team Diabesties is a dynamic young group of creators and dreamers from varied backgrounds.
Team Diabesties is a dynamic young group of creators and dreamers from varied backgrounds.

Jazz Sethi is the founder and director of The Diabesties Foundation She was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when she was 13 and currently in on Pump, CGM and DIY Loop. She also lives with Diabetes Inspidus. She is the IDF’s Young Leader of Diabetes for South East Asia for 2019-2022 term representing India. Jazz is also a certified diabetes educator and did her training with the IDF program. She is also a professional dancer, choreographer, theatre artist and a published author. She completed her training from Broadway Dance Center in New York and the AEF from Florence. Her mantra is simple - Live Happily and Bolus Regularly.

Jazz Sethi

Founder & Director

Sumeet Dhagia is a UI Designer, Techno-savvy and living with Type 1 Diabetes for over 3 decades. His journey with T1D has oscillated between extremes: from using fixed dose glass syringes to now using MDI Pens, from using Benedict Urine Tests, to now a CGM and from having fluctuating sugars to now proudly maintaining a 75% Time in Range. Sumeet’s vast experiences with T1D makes him want to work for the T1D community to ensure proper education and empowerment. He strongly believes in the Language Matters movement having personally faced hard situations. As the Programs Manager he strives to ensure that all those with T1D get educated, empowered and celebrate life to the fullest.

Sumeet Dhagia

Director, Impact Management

Meet our Punjab Chapter Head, Deeksha. Deeksha's pancreas said 'humse na ho payega' 20 years ago. And since then one of her aims in life has been to educate people about Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). A Counseling Psychologist by profession, she has been a strong advocate of inclusion of mental health in diabetes care management system.Besides T1D Management, this street-smart Punjabi kudi is spiritual, expressive and passionate. She believes in living life with utmost balance..

Deeksha Dev

Director, Advocacy & Experiences

Hey there ! I'm Sanjana Mohan, a visual designer who dreams of travelling 24*7 ( so much that my idea of relaxing is to make random itineraries ). Living with type 1 diabetes for 14 years now has taught me three main things. One, always be open to learning. Two, nothing can stop you from what you want to be. Three, never stop dreaming.

Sanjana Mohan

Director, Creative design

Ritika Maheshwari, or otherwise known as ‘diaDOer’ passed out from The Riverside School, Ahmedabad in 2015. She is currently pursuing her BBA in Event Management from Ahmedabad. She’s been freelancing for several companies in the past two years with events ranging from Weddings to Corporate Functions. She is known for her prompt responses and efficient operations. She is the head of operations strategy at Diabesties, where she handles all the DiaMeet venues, partnerships and events. Apart from working, she loves to read books, watch TV shows and chill with her friends..

Ritika Maheshwari

Chief of staff

I am from Varanasi. I have been living with Type 1 Diabetes since 2016. I am Currently the Co- Leader of the Uttar Pradesh chapter and The Blue Force Network at Diabesties Foundation. I am a Huge fan of Movies Especially the "Comic book Genre". Being a tech savvy, I also love to make pop-culture references. I am also very keen on the development of our diabetes community.

Ankur Mukherjee

HOD, Development & Innovations

malveena Ramchandani

HOD, communications

I am Srishti Pandey, a 20 year old girl, living happily and proudly with Type 1 Diabetes.i am a commerce graduate from BHU, Varanasi. It's my passion now to work for the welfare of my own community, to break the stigmas associated with Type 1 Diabetes and I am on my way of doing it.
And I strongly believe that access to insulin is a basic human right and sometime in my life I definitely want to work for it. I know it's a long way ahead but I am sure together we can do it.

Srishti Pandey

HOD, community engagement

A Doctor ,Certified Diabetes educator and counselor....living with type1 diabetes since 25 years. TYPE 1 DIABETES has taught me fight for your dreams, you can achieve whatever you want with your type 1. Start accepting your type 1 . I am handling my type 1wuth Right kind of food with proper insulin dose n physical activity. Education is the first step to conquer type 1. I want to educate each n every type 1 so that they can handle their type 1 in a positive n correct way....

Dr kunjal Gandhi

co-HOD, Education & Support

Asra Ahmed MBA, PGCE learning disabilities I live in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. My hobbies are travelling, brave with trying new food, love fitness and living the best type 1 life I can.

Asra Ahmed

Co-HOD, Education & Support

Sangamithirai Surya is Senior Manager at The Diabesties Foundation is a creative marketer by profession and a home chef by passion. Her love language is food and she aims to provide a nutritious meal to all the people around her and the underprivileged one. She believes in balanced lifestyle considering relationships, work, fitness and health, and emotional well-being. “I’m exploring how to help children with special needs and be a better coach among many other things

Sangamitra Surya

Senior Manager, Communications

Isha Lakhani, residing at Ahmedabad, mother of two girls.. My younger daughter is type 1 diabetic since Dec 2015..she is now 10yrs old.. Her diagnosis has empowered us to all follow a very disciplined lifestyle and make healthier choices at home. Plus it has made her a stronger individual

Isha Lakhani

Project Manager, Caregiver Council

I am Aditya Patil, a 19 year old from Mumbai and a proud diabetic since January 2021. Currently pursuing Accounting and finance undergraduate course from Mumbai University. I am an Origami enthusiast and also learning guitar as I have interest in music as well.

Aditya Patil

Associate, Development & Innovations


AnuHasini B

Associate, Education & Support

I may not remember what I had for dinner last night, but I still remember the evening of 11thSep,2006. I had fainted in a supermarket. My doctor, who after detecting my symptoms of frequent urination, excessive thirst, appetite-loss and abnormal weight-reduction, suggested for blood-sugar level check. “D-Day” 13thSep, 2006 when my blood test report arrived which said that I was suffering from Type 1 diabetes. From that day I was introduced to new world of Glucometer, injections & Lantus. Diabesties is helping me to bring out the warrior in me because “I AM TYPE 1 OF A KIND”. I am a BBA Graduate who is pursuing CA who wishes to educate people about T1D.

Bidisha Chakrabartty

Associate, Development & Innovations

I am Chirag Rajpopat, T1D since 2010. Passionate about getting very good controls of glucose levels. Learning new things for better management of Diabetes and trying to help other T1Ds to boost their confidence to achieve life goals along with better control of glucose levels. Joined Diabesties team to reach out to more needy people and keep learning from the experts in the team. Design Automation Engineer by profession and love to adopt new technology in my profession as well as in health care

Chirag Rajpopat

Associate, Impact Management

Daksh Manro

Project Coordinator, community Engagement

Having lived with type 1 diabetes for 11 years, it has taught me the true meaning of small wins, gratitude, being vulnerable and strong at the same time. I’m an empathetic individual, a reliable friend, currently obsessing over environment and sustainability and working to expand and broaden the awareness ofT1D to the fullest. When I’m not doing anything, you can find me baking healthy cheats, strolling through neighborhood cafes and gazing at beautiful skies. My motto is to be kind and appreciate life for what it is.


Copywriter, Communications

I'm Dolly Korani, a 19years old girl from Ajmer, Rajasthan. I've been living with type1 diabetes since 2012. I'm currently studying psychology, economics and computer applications under bachelor of arts from Sophia College, Ajmer.

Dolly Korani

Associate, development & Innovations

I m Dr Happy Pachani I m dentist by profession I m also cook nd really fond of cooking.. I m classical dancer nd completed 4 yrs in Bharatnatyam classical dance… I elimentry intermediate certified drawing artist I m also poet, sayar nd writer…I was diagnosed with T1D on 17-10-98 nd having in relationship with T1D since last 23 yrs…

dr Happy Pachani

Associate, Impact Management

I am Dr. Ruchita Mehta , Consultant Homeopath, Certified Nutritionist and Certified Diabetes Educator. I am living with type 1 since 2012, I am on MDI. I am running my own clinic as a Kaizen Health clinic at Vadodara, Gujarat.

dr Ruchita Mehta

Senior Associate, Education & Support

I am Hetansh Shah,a type-1 Diabetic for past 8 years!!I am currently pursuing my MBBS degree from Ahmedabad!Inspite of having chosen one of the most stressful professions, I always try to keep my HBA1C levels below 7 and advocate about the same.Apart from being a Public Health advocate , I like to read, travel and make new friends!!I would just like to say that Believe in Yourself and there is nothing a Type-1 Diabetic can't achieve!!.

Hetansh Shah

Senior Associate, Impact Management

Maurag Malaviya

Senior Associate, Impact Management

Natasha Parmar

Senior Associate, Impact management

24 year old, living a life with non functioning organ, fighting an invisible battle everyday that most people don't understand, type 1 diabetic from past 8 years, didn't ask for this but best believe I am strong enough to endure it, ready to eat carbohydrate rich food, fueled by coffee and insulin, I believe beautiful things have dents and scratches, sometimes poked fingers and bruises too.I am not an early bird or a night owl. I am some form of permanently exhausted pigeon. But believe me I am the nicest dumbass you will ever meet.

Pranjal Chaturvedi

Associate, Community Engagement

Rajat Garg

Senior Associate, Communications

I'm Rasmeet kaur, a type 1 diabetic for the last 12 years. Art and books are my happy place. A strong-willed, determined and gritty person is what could define me as an individual. Learning and growing every day with my best friend(T1D). Call me a cinephile or a book smart, one would always find me indulged here. My motive to be a part of Diabesties was to create awareness about the stigma surrounding it and to give the support, guidance, and encouragement that I couldn't find as a newly diagnosed Type 1. Be type 1 of a kind

Rasmeet Kaur

Associate, Development & Innovations

I am a technology and startup enthusiast. I started my journey of startups in my later years of college and haven’t turned since. I enjoy learning new technologies and imparting that knowledge to others

sanjana kothapali

Senior Researcher, Education & Support

Shailsuta Singh

Visual Designers, Communications

Shanmukha Subrahmanyam

Associate, Education & Support

Shreya Jain

Designer, Development & innovations

Vanshika Agarwal

content manager, communications

Vishranti Chavda

senior associate, impact management

Yash Bhale

associate, education & support

Yuvan Seth

Content Head

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