Our goal is to make every person with Type 1 Diabetes feel heard, loved, supported & celebrated

Who are we?​

The Diabesties Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving the healthcare sector. We are actively involved in creating Diabetes Awareness and spreading Type 1 Diabetes Education to Indian society at large. We believe that healthcare is a fundamental right as well as duty of every Indian. From healthcare providers to family, friends and relatives, our mission is to cater to all the stakeholders involved in this journey. We also work predominantly for Awareness, Advocacy and Access.

Our Story

Diabesties is the brainchild of Jazz. When Jazz was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, she didn’t know anyone else with this condition for almost a decade. So she reached out to 25-30 other diabetics through her doctor’s contact, to start a community.

That first Diameet showed a lot to Jazz. It showed her that there were people out there just like her, with similar stories and similar struggles. What it also showed, was that there was a wide gap in the health sectors that needed to be addressed.

The Diabesties Foundation, aims to bridge that gap.

Our Impact
Wasim Akram
Person living with T1D
“Hi Jazz. I really enjoyed the Diabetes Anthem. It’s brilliant. I must say, a lot of work has been put into the song. Congratulations! Keep at it,”
Pranay Agarwal
Person living with T1D
"Thank you very much for the wonderful session... It was a great relief and joy talking to someone whom I could relate to."
Priya Parikh
“My father has Type 1 Diabetes. Thank you for your informative and wonderful words. They changed my mind and now I am full of positive thoughts.”
Ayush Gupta
Person living with T1D
“I am 30 years old and I just got diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. There were so many negative thoughts in my mind. But after seeing your YouTube and Instagram accounts, I feel so light and happy. Thank you so much for this! Cannot thank you enough! Now I will go and watch all your videos. Thank you once again!”
Pooja Shah
“Hey Jazz! Just wanted to say that ever since attending the DiaMeet, Tisha has been checking her blood sugar levels regularly. She has been taking care and following her routine to get her high sugar levels in control. Thank you so much for being her inspiration. She really counts on you.”
Ankita Sharma
Person living with T1D
“I was diagnosed with Diabetes last year. My sugars were 300-350 but my insulin levels and c-peptide tests were normal. I have been on medications for a year. I recently started my insulin treatment. I have LADA. I really want to thank you. My mental health was pathetic. I didn’t want to live anymore. Last month, I found your YouTube channel. I have watched all your videos. I love your content. I am feeling a lot better today mentally. All credit goes to you."